About Me

Owner / Photographer

Cassie Miller

From the moment we meet until the moment we finish photographing your session, you will enjoy a kind, selfless experience geared toward you. It is my goal to bring you joy through photography, to always provide clients with the best quality photos that I can and to always strive for excellence.

When you book your session with me, you will have the freedom to completely be yourself, goof off and try things that you want. I strive to have a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere so you never feel rushed or stressed. I want to help you capture a memory and keep it forever.

To get to know me a little, I am married to my best friend, Matt. We have beautiful, rotten, goofy kids and one on the way. I also have two silly dogs – a Doberman named Bruce and a Min-Pin named Bane. Aside from taking photos, my hobbies consist of playing piano and singing at the top of my lungs whenever my favorite songs come on the radio…or randomly whenever I feel like it. I’m a goofy and outgoing person.

I have been taking photos for 15 years, starting out with my moms kodak pocket camera and photographing leaves falling from trees and Easter lillies growing beside of my grandparents house. I’ve since moved up to a better camera. It has become my passion. I found that by doing photography, I was able to see and capture what most eyes just skim across. I feel like I can see a whole different side of beauty through the lens of my camera.

I know I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be, but as long as I operate in excellence and professionalism I believe that my clients will be comfortable and leave feeling like they were having fun taking photos with an old friend. I put many long hours into making sure I provide you with the best photos possible. I always want my clients to leave their session with a smile on their face and to know that they had a great experience.

I want to capture moments that you can hold onto forever.